Redding, CT Garage Door Repair | CT GARAGE SERVICES

Redding, CT Garage Door Repair | CT GARAGE SERVICES

At CT Garage Service, you can count on us to deliver garage door solutions that will perfectly match your needs. We are known throughout the state for our craftsmanship as well as our great customer service. If you are thinking of installing a garage door in Redding, Connecticut, give us a call today.

About Redding, Connecticut

Redding Town is located in the County of Fairfield, CT. The town saw its first European settlers in the 16th century and many of those were from England. The town is home to approximately 10,000 people and is mostly residential in nature. In earlier centuries, the main economic activity in the town was agriculture.

What We Offer in Redding, CT

  • Garage Door Installation and Repair Services in Redding: if you have an automatic garage door that won’t open, the problem might be the controller or the motor. CT Garage Service will quickly sort out the problem.
  • Commercial Garage Door Solutions in Redding: CT Garage Service works with owners of commercial premises to offer top-notch commercial garage door solutions.
  • Garage Door Keypad / Remote Installation and Configuration Services in Redding: If you are having trouble with your garage door keypad or remote operator, CT Garage Service has got your back.

Why Should You Choose CT Garage Service for All of Your Garage Needs in Redding, CT?

CT Garage Service is your one-stop-shop when you are looking for garage door solutions. Our technical team is well versed with all kinds of garage doors so you are assured we have your back. We also supply high-quality garage door parts such as motor parts.

If you want to speak to a garage door professional in Redding, do not hesitate to contact us today. Feel free to call and request an estimate.

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