Garage Door Keypads & Remotes, Installation & Configuration, Connecticut

Garage Door Keypads & Remotes, Installation & Configuration

Garage Door Keypads and Remotes CT

Garage door keypads are a convenient way to open your door if you don’t have access to a wireless remote. Share the code with children, family, and close friends without having to worry about any expensive remotes being lost or misplaced.

Most keypads can operate up to three doors also including gate openers. When it comes to keypads, there is wired and wireless, each sending a signal to the motor differently. Both function the same but each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Programming a keypad can be a tricky process and we’re here to make sure it’s set up fully functional without error. Keep in mind that a garage keypad does not always pair with any given operator/motor. Consult with one of our certified door specialists to ensure the correct keypad meets your operator’s needs.

Which Garage Door Remote Fits You Best?

Garage Opener Remotes

Convenience is key when accessing your garage door. To think that not too long ago, these heavy doors were opened and closed by hand. Technology advancements have continued to increase the ease-of-use when using the right garage door remote. Unfortunately, choosing the right remote is not as easy as it sounds. Although most remotes synchronize with most motors, there are a few that don’t.

With the right operator, your phone can pair wireless via a garage control phone application downloaded from iTunes and GooglePlay. Program it to have your door open at any given time or set it on a weekly schedule. We advise our customers to highly consider using the garage remote phone app with a LiftMaster motor that comes with multiple complementary backup remotes.

Consult with one of our door specialists who will be more than happy to make sure you purchase the best garage door opener that meets your exact needs.

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