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If you’re a homeowner in the Hartford, CT area, you may have a garage door that you may need to be repaired. CT Garage Service is Connecticut’s premier garage door repair contractor providing premier repair/installation services throughout Connecticut.

About Your Garage Door

Most of us use a garage door on a daily basis, but we seldom take the time to inspect and examine its performance and condition. Instead, we only pay attention to this large moving unit when some problems happen and disturb your normal life.

What every homeowner needs to understand is that a garage door also requires regular maintenance and inspection, just like any other items in your home. Performing a monthly inspection can help determine if the door is still safe and functional. So do not wait for such severe problems to affect the safety of your family and car. Instead, if you notice any of those signs below, make sure to call for a professional service for garage door repair Hartford CT.

1. Sagging sections

Over time, a garage door tends to sag if it is not maintained properly. When you close it, it is easy to notice large gaps at the end of the door. In these cases, it is better to test and check its balance at least 1 or 2 times per month. This includes disconnecting its opener and operating it manually. When you carry it at the midway and the leave it there, the door shouldn’t continue to fall or rise. Otherwise, there might be some problems with other parts of the garage door.

2. It won’t close or open

This is probably the most obvious sign that a garage door should be inspected or repaired immediately. There are many causes for such incidents, including misaligned sensors, faulty wiring, and many more. Before calling a professional repairing service, make sure that nothing is blocking the garage or lying in the way of its sensors. Sometimes when an item or a box interferences the sensors, the door cannot open. Otherwise, the problems seem serious and you need to hire a garage door expert.

3. Slow responding time

You need to notice how long it often takes for the garage door to respond to the commands. In general, it should start to close or open within 1 or 2 seconds after the opener is pressed. What’s more, the door should close or open smoothly without any delay or hitching. If there is any delay during the operation, it means that something is wrong with the opener or your garage door.

4. Lots of noises
Always keep your ears open to any noises coming from the garage door which seem unusual to you. A unit with noisy sounds when operating is often the result of worn rollers or loose hardware. There are a couple of simple fixes, but it is better to call a professional service to avoid worsening the problem.

5. Off the track
If your garage door seems to be visibly off the track, it might result in the malfunction and get stuck. This problem often occurs in old units or doors which have major damage over time. In these cases, there isn’t much that you could do on your own to resolve the problem because it might require specific accessories and parts.

In Conclusion

If you’re in need of repairing your garage door or need a new installation set up, start by contacting CT Garage Service today to receive a free estimate. Our professional contractors will make a visit to your home and quote you accordingly based on your needs.

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