Garage Door Repair Services In CT

Residential Garage Repair Services

Servicing Hartford, New Haven, and Fairfield County, our technician team is dispatched and located throughout Connecticut, meaning that if your door needs a small part replaced we’ll be at your home that same day to get the job done!

Like all moving parts, garages have a lifespan and eventually, each part will need to be fixed or repaired.  Our warehouse is stocked with any piece or part needed to make sure your door is fully functional and safe.

Broken Springs

Garage Springs Repairs CT

Did you know that almost 9 out of 10 issues of a garage door not opening are due to the spring(s) being broken? Springs are what hold the door in place and prevent it from falling. Over time, they continue to lose their support force and will wear. Not sure if your springs need to be replaced? Give our repair team a call and we’ll make sure your door is running as safe as possible.

Motor and Operator Repair

Motors and Operators Repair CT

Whether your door isn’t going fully up or down or is making too much noise, the garage opener (also known as a motor or operator) has a ton of moving parts that enable your door to run smoothly. These circuits, wires, switches, and belts wear out over time. In most cases, our repair team can make a small and cost-efficient fix, in other cases we need to replace it with a new operator.

Garage Door Panel Repairs

Dented Door Panels CT

Nothing is worse than a dented or crooked door. We’re all about beautiful curb-appeal and that’s tough to achieve if your door panels are damaged. Our technicians can replace a panel or fix an alignment in a jiffy. We advise refraining from using your garage door until it’s fixed.