Is your garage door stuck or won’t open? It may be due to a faulty opener. Garage openers are often referred as motors or operators. As simple as an operator looks, there are a lot of moving parts “under the hood” that help ensure a smooth, quiet and safe cycle of open and closes.

Types Of Garage Door Opener/Operator Issues

It’s difficult for the average person to identify the underlying cause of a broken motor. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a battery to be replaced. Other times, the photo-eyes are out of alignment. One thing is for sure, attempting to fix an operator is a dangerous process and there’s a high risk of injury if you’re not sure what you’re doing.


Our technicians will provide you with an in-depth inspection to make sure that your:

  • Door’s power source is not disrupted.
  • Antennas are fully functional
  • Batteries are up-to-date
  • Any limit switches  are properly adjusted
  • Adjustment screws are set to the correct setting


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