What Garage Door Styles Go Well With Historic Houses?

One of the most popular home styles in the U.S. is the colonial home style. This type of property has unique architectural elements that give it a distinctive look and historic charm. Colonial garage door styles are one of the elements that can be used to bring out the historic style of a home. CT Garage Service can help you to find the right garage door for your historic home style.

What are the Characteristics of a Historic Style Home?

To be able to choose the right history garage door style, you first need to understand what features make a historic house unique. These include the use of pillars in doorways, symmetry style of architecture, and two or three stories houses.

The colonial home architecture is unique and consistent with home designs that were used between the 1600s through to the 19th century period in the U.S.

Door Styles for Historic Home Themes

While searching for a historic theme garage door, you can consider one that matches the theme but adds a bit of contrast. This can enhance the curb appeal. At the same time, you want to try and find a door that will not look out of place in the historic home setup.

Here are several garage door style recommendations just for you.

  • Traditional raised panel doors

This type of garage door style is popular amongst most historic style homeowners. It has a basic design featuring windows at the top of the garage door. It also has columns and rows of rectangular panels. This door style fits different accents and exteriors, including historic home styles. Because of its simplicity, the door can be left undecorated, or it can be personalized to match other exterior elements around the home.

  • Carriage house doors

This garage door style is slowly becoming a favorite amongst homeowners. It is built to resemble a traditional barn door or carriage house, making it perfect for a historic house style. Even though homes in the past did not have garages, they had sheds, barns, or carriage houses, which are the themes used to make this garage door.

This garage door style can be customized further by changing window styles or painting with rustic themed colors.

Garage Door Accents for Historic Homes

Incorporating historical elements around your home to accentuate your garage door style is an ideal way of adding cohesion throughout your property.

  • Door straps

These are decorative hinges available in a variety of color, size, shapes, and materials, such as steel, forged ion or solid bronze. Door straps can be used to give the door a bold detail. Go for a design that mimics the historic style of your home to get a unique, matching look.

  • Door handles

Adding handles to a garage door will give it an elegant look that goes well with the historic theme of the house. Choose garage door handles that mimic a colonial theme and ones made from materials used in the historical eras, such as quality wrought iron.

CT Garage Service offers professional garage door installation services. We have years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing all garage door styles, including historic garage door styles.