The Importance Of Insulating Your Garage

The garage is used for multiple activities in the home. In most homes, it is not just a car parking space. It is also a storage space and a workshop. While the garage may be highly useful during a warm season, it is common to find most garages out of use during winter because of the cold. Insulating the garage makes it usable throughout the year. Here are some reasons why garage insulation is important.

Keeping Temperatures in the Garage Pleasant

The main benefit of insulating your garage is to make the temperatures more bearable. This is important for homes where the garage is utilized for more than just parking the car. Insulating the garage makes it possible for you to work in there without feeling cold. You can insulate the walls to keep the heat in and to keep the temperatures regulated all year round.

Keeping Adjacent Rooms Warm

The temperatures in a garage affect the temperatures in adjoined rooms. In a typical home setup, the garage joins with the living room through the kitchen. When the garage is not insulated, heat leaks through the kitchen walls into the cold space in the garage. Every time the garage door is open, the cold from outside leaks through the wall into the living space, making your home very cold. The best way to keep the house warm is by insulating the garage.

Reducing Energy Bills

A well-insulated garage prevents heat loss from the house. In turn, this reduces the energy used by the heating system to heat the home as no heat is lost, and cold air can’t leak into the house.

Enhancing the Property Value

Insulating the garage makes your home energy efficient since you spend less on home heating and cooling. Also, potential home buyers are more attracted to homes that come with reduced heating costs. Therefore, investing in garage insulation services is a good house marketing strategy.

Types of Garage Insulation

No matter how much you can afford to use on garage insulation, there are numerous options in the market for every budget. Focus on the R-value when choosing insulating materials. The R-value is how heat streams through different materials.

  • Polystyrene

These are insulation sheets that can be used to seal gaps between 2×4 garage studs. This insulating material fits tightly to keep air out.

  • Batt insulation

Batt is a type of fiberglass made with cotton. It fits perfectly between studs. After insulating with batt, you need to cover the insulated areas with vapor covering. This is a barrier that protects the insulation against moisture.

  • Changing the garage door

If the garage is already insulated, but you still notice there is heat loss through the garage, it may be because of an old garage door. Installing a new garage door is an effective way of insulating the garage. Modern garage door models are manufactured with insulating properties that are beneficial to the home.

It is advisable to contact an expert if you need to replace or insulate your garage door. CT Garage Service has technicians in different areas in Connecticut. They can get to you in under an hour upon receiving your call.