How To Use A Garage Door Safely

The garage door is the heaviest and largest moving object in a home. Each year, there are at least 15,000 hospital emergency visits that are related to injuries caused by garage door accidents. Broken garage door parts are one of the biggest causes of garage door accidents. In most cases, garage doors in residential properties use extension springs that expand and contract when the garage door is opened and closed. The most essential garage door safety measure is to ensure that the springs are in their best working condition.

Garage Door Safety Tips

These garage door safety tips will keep everyone safe by preventing garage door accidents in the home.

  • Always keep the garage door remote control away from children.
  • Do not allow children to play or swing the garage door.
  • Learn how to use the garage door emergency release.
  • Hire garage door service experts to conduct routine inspections on door cables, springs, pulleys, and rollers. Never attempt to remove, repair, or replace these parts by yourself.
  • Test the door reversing mechanism at least once a month. If there is a problem with the reverse mechanism, call CT Garage Service for assistance.
  • Do not leave the garage door partially open. In case it is activated again and rolls downwards, it can cause injury to anyone on its path.
  • Ensure you change the manufacturer’s access code on your remote and opener control.
  • Never leave the garage control in the car.

What Causes Garage Door Springs to Break?

The main cause of garage door spring damage is poor maintenance. This causes rust formation or failure in the garage door mechanical system. Rust occurs when the metal used to make the spring comes into contact with moisture in the air or water. It is possible to prevent rust formation by lubricating the springs regularly.

Mechanical failures occur because of irregular garage door maintenance. As the garage door opens and closes on a daily basis, the mechanical parts experience wear and tear. When the door is not maintained, the minor wear and tear may worsen and lead to total failure.

What Happens When a Garage Door Spring Breaks?

  • Property damage: Broken springs destroy property from the impact of the flying pieces. Most cases lead to broken car windshields, and the parts can embed in the car door causing severe damage.
  • Physical injuries: According to the U.S. consumer safety commission, more than 30,000 injury cases related to broken garage door springs and other parts have been reported in the last ten years. More than 85% of these cases involved children.
  • Death: There have been a few cases of deaths caused by faulty garage door parts.

It is advisable to call garage door experts like CT Garage Service to repair the springs and other broken garage door parts safely.

DIY garage door repair performed by individuals without relevant training and certification is risky. Always seek the help of garage door experts for any repairs or replacements.