How To Choose The Right Garage Door Opener In Connecticut

A garage door is a valuable investment. It offers you convenience and safe access to your home. You do not have to get out of your car during bad weather or at night to open or close the garage door. Modern garage door openers come equipped with wireless connectivity with home automation systems and compatibility with smart devices. If you are looking to get a garage door opener in Connecticut, here several options to consider:

Types of Garage Door Openers

All standard garage doors have the same design. They have a motor, which drives a carriage or trolley along a rail. The carriage is attached to the entrance of the garage, and as it moves, it either pushes the door closed or pulls it open. The main difference in garage door openers is how the trolley moves. There are various types of garage door openers:

  • Chain-drive 

A chain-drive garage door opener drives the trolley using a metal chain, to either lower or raise the garage door. A chain drive system is very cost-effective, but it creates more vibrations and noise than other door types. You should only consider this option if your garage is not under a bedroom or living area. If it is attached to living or sleeping quarters, you need to get a quieter garage door opener.

  • Belt-drive 

A belt-drive garage door opener is similar to the chain drive opener. Their only difference is that the belt drive uses a belt, not a chain to move the trolley. The belt is a quieter and smoother option, especially for garages attached to sleeping or living spaces. Belt garage door openers in Connecticut require minimal maintenance as they have fewer moving parts.

  • Screw-drive

A screw-drive garage door opener makes use of a threaded steel rod for moving the lifting apparatus. The rod rotates and pushes the trolley to either lower or raise the door. The screw-drive openers are quieter in comparison to the chain-drive units. As with belt-drive garage door openers, they have fewer moving parts and thus require less maintenance.

  • Direct-drive

A direct drive garage door opener in Connecticut will offer you very smooth and quiet movement. The motor works in place of the trolley and moves along the track, lowering or raising the door. Since the system’s only moving part is the motor, any vibrations and noise significantly reduce. The system requires minimal maintenance as it has only one moving part.

Check The Type of Motor on the Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers either have motors running on AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current). Both types of engines can be plugged into a regular home power outlet. A DC-powered opener converts alternating current to direct current power. A DC motor is smaller, quieter, and has a smoother operation. Some DC-motor garage openers have battery backup, which allow them to operate without electricity.


When considering a garage door opener in Connecticut, check for the horsepower (HP) ratings and make a comparison between different models. A rate between 1 or 2 HP is typical for a residential model and a 1 or 2 HP for a sectional double car door should suffice. Alternatively, a model with more HP will work effortlessly with less wear on the opener’s motor. A one-piece or more massive garage door may need a higher-powered opener.

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